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Warner Bros. Outlines 10-Year DC Movie Strategy Like Marvel

by Atlanta Business Journal

Mom? Mom?! Hey, Mom! MOM! DC is copying Marvel again!

Not long removed from the sudden cancellation of Batgirl, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav arrived at the company’s quarterly financials presentation with one goal in mind: to tell the teacher precisely how he’s going to cheat off the nerd’s test. “We have done a reset, Zaslav said, addressing the future of the studio’s DC films. “We’ve restructured the business where we’re going to focus, where there will be a team with a ten-year plan focusing just on DC. It’s very similar to the structure that Alan Horn and Bob Iger put together very effectively with Kevin Feige at Disney.”

Sounds like a solid plan! Because, you know, mirroring the Marvel Cinematic Universe always goes well. G.I. Joe certainly set the world ablaze, in its attempt to kickstart a shared universe of Channing Tatum-led action figures. It’s Morbin’ time all the damn time over at Sony. The MonsterVerse, featuring best buddies Godzilla and King Kong, well, it exists! DC’s plan worked really well for its rival company, DC, when it released Justice League in 2017, then released a different cut of Justice League four years later, which was two hours longer. Hell, if I’m being serious, the only interconnected storytelling franchise out there that even rivals Marvel’s ambition is Paw Patrol.

Zaslav continued detailing the master plan for DC’s upcoming slate of superhero jams, which includes summer 2023’s The Flash, which is apparently moving merrily ahead, despite the nuclear amount of horrifying allegations against its star, Ezra Miller. “We’re not going to release any film before it’s ready,” he said. “We’re not going to release a film to make a quarter, we’re not going to release a film—the focus is going to be: how do we make each of these films, in general, as good as possible?”

Making films… good? In general? Watch out, Feige.

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