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The Best Gatorade Flavors, Ranked

by Atlanta Business Journal

Gatorade is iconic. It says something about our culture that in the arena of sports, the ultimate sign of success and bonding is for a team to drench their coach with a giant bucketful of Gatorade post-win. Don’t even get us started on the fact that President Biden’s fridge is well-stocked with orange Gatorade, or that most of us who’ve ever experienced a hangover know intuitively that the performance-enhancing sports drink is a morning-after requirement (best served alongside a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, naturally).

But to ask which flavors are the absolute best is, to say the least, controversial. We’re nothing if not intrepid, though: We turned to the talented Delish team for their opinions on the best and worst Gatorade flavors out there. Plus, we consulted The Great Internet Oracle to uncover which flavors are beloved (and not so beloved) by the dehydrated masses.

For clarity, in this article we only rank the Gatorade Thirst Quencher—a.k.a. the O.G. type. So don’t come for us when you notice this list doesn’t include any G2 (which has half the sugar), G Zero (which has no sugar), or Gatorlyte (Gatorade’s latest addition with more electrolytes and less sugar).

Some intel we discovered about Gatorade monikers: Varieties with the words “fierce” or “frost” in their names have hidden meanings. “Fierce has a bold, intense flavor, frost has a light, cool, crisp flavor,” Gatorade divulged on its official Twitter page a few years back. The more you know!

Without further ado: Here are some of the best, and worst, Gatorades out there, according to our editors and the internet.

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Fierce Grape

While the color of this one is no-doubt gorgeous, the flavor isn’t so much. Granted, when it comes to grape flavor, people either love it or hate it. Still, for being a “Fierce” offering, it noticeably lacks intensity. However, if you are pro-grape and enjoy a slightly medicinal flavor, you’ll like this. As one reviewer put, “either you like grape flavored drinks, or you don’t. This is a grape flavored drink, so use your own discretion.”


Fierce Blue Cherry

For a lot of people, this flavor brings back memories of soccer practices and trips to the nurse’s office for stomach aches. There’s definitely a tinge of cough syrupy-ness that isn’t for everyone. “I thought I would love this flavor, but I just couldn’t get used to it,” one reviewer said. “Cherries aren’t blue and I’m not sure what flavors they mixed to make ‘blue cherry’ but it’s terrible… in my opinion.”


Frost Glacier Cherry

Is it weird that this cherry-flavored Gatorade isn’t red? It’s a divisive subject. Some dig that the drink doesn’t “have coloring added to it.” Other say it looks “weird” and “unnatural.” In terms of flavor, one reviewer sums it up well: “If you like things a bit more sweet than salty and enjoy a unique cherry taste [with] no sickly sweet[ness], I think you will like this one.”


Frost Icy Charge

The internet is pretty quiet about this one. People don’t hate it, but it certainly doesn’t have thousands of rave reviews or a huge following. That might be because some “can’t find it in stores.” The people who do love it say it’s “refreshing, not too sweet, and reminiscent of “a slightly saltier version of a Fresca that has been decarbonated.” Color us intrigued!


Lime Cucumber

The internet has some serious thoughts about this flavor. You’ll finds tons of memes making fun of its supposed awful flavor. It does have a cult following of diehard fans, though, including Delish video editor Ellie Black. “It’s the thinking man’s Gatorade,” they said, adding that it’s sometimes hard to find on shelves. “Smooth, complex, sophisticated. Its rarity makes it a delicacy.”


Fierce Green Apple

“Did you ever wonder what it would be like to drink a green apple Jolly Rancher candy?” one reviewer wrote. “Well, now you can!” If you love that sort of intense apple flavor, this Gatorade will be for you. For others, it’ll probably just taste like “strange in a drink.”


Frost Glacier Cherry

Delish digital food producer Camille Lowder is obsessed with this flavor. Here’s why: “It tastes more refreshing and less like punch than the others,” she said. “I think there’s something fun in a food science way about how it’s ‘frosty.’ It doesn’t give you red fruit punch mouth like the others.”


Cool Blue

“Cool Blue has a refreshing smoothness to it that I could only compare to what I assume the fresh-flowing mountain stream water from a tropical alien planet must taste like,” Delish’s senior post-production supervisor, Philip Swift said. If that doesn’t make you want to try it, I don’t know what will.



Let’s get one thing out of the way: Its name is super boring. “Orange.” Like, what? That’s all you’ve got? It’s nonetheless a beloved classic. “It reminds me of my childhood since it’s the one that my mother used to buy,” Delish’s senior designer Sarah Ceniceros said. “I buy them in bulk now because they’re my pre-hangover remedy.”


Fruit Punch

From its more than 4,000 reviews, 90 percent of which are five stars, it’s very clear that people love this flavor. It’s classic and nostalgic, very refreshing, and versatile. Swift has some genius advice on how to drink it: “Spice things up on a Friday night by mixing it with coconut rum!”


Lemon Lime

If you bottled sunshine, it would taste like this. It’s sweet and a little salty, but in the best way possible. “It’s like salt on lemons,” one reviewer wrote. This stuff is exactly what you want to chug after finishing a marathon or waking up with a headache.

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