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Poly house and organic farming News WAALI

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Organic Farming Success Story: Organic farming in India is becoming famous all over the world. Here farmers and experts from all over the world come to get information about organic farming. However, most states in India are adopting organic farming and natural farming. With this, Sikkim has got the title of the world’s first organic state. The innovation of the farmers here, organic products and the best way of farming along with marketing makes them stand out from the rest. Many farmers of the state have also been honored for these efforts.

A successful woman farmer

Dili Maya Bhattarai, a woman farmer who practices organic farming in Sikkim’s capital Gangtok, has been honored by the government. Also, the woman farmer also won the Progressive Farmer Award of Meghalaya in the year 2021 for organic farming and her best marketing method. Let us tell you that Dili Maya did not always do organic farming and neither did she have much land, but 8 years ago she tried her hand at organic farming after leaving chemical farming and today vegetables from her farm are being sent abroad.

Promotion of organic farming

In the year 2014, farmers in Sikkim were being encouraged to adopt fully organic farming. At the same time, Dilli Maya Bhattarai, a farmer from Linze village in Assam, 20 km from Gangtok, also joined the campaign. He had only 4 acres of land in the name of land. In which he was doing chemical farming. Then he started organic farming and he started making his four farms organic.

Dili Maya, then 55 years old, along with her husband did organic farming as just an experiment. For this he also attends training programs organized by the government. When the interest started growing, he started traveling to different parts of the country to learn organic farming. During this time Dili Maya and her husband were learning about organic farming as well as new crops and new techniques.

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Use of Polyhouse

Dili Maya and her husband had acquired enough knowledge for organic farming. In order to earn good money doing organic farming on less land, Dilli Maya also trained at the Sikkim-based Krishi Vigyan Kendra to learn about crop demand and modern farming techniques in India. Later, traditional crops like peas, tomatoes, radish, coriander were abandoned and new crops were grown with new technology. She started producing high demand vegetables like broccoli, jaggery, cucumber, spinach by constructing a polyhouse on a part of four acres of land. That made her a good income.

To learn about modern techniques of agriculture, also trained at Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Sikkim.

Sale of organic produce in agricultural societies

There was a growing demand for organic agricultural products in India, so marketing was not a problem. Dili Maya sold some organic vegetables in the local market. Also made some clients in the Sikkim Agricultural Society. Dili Maya states that organic broccoli from her farm is the most popular, which is distributed at Rs 200 per kg. By selling organic vegetables in this way, he has tripled his income.

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