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Pentagon Talk Kino’s Solo Single ‘Pose’, Making Music and Their Future

by Atlanta Business Journal

For Pentagon there’s nothing more important than being a group, and they’re keen to be supportive of one another even during solo activities.

It’s been six years since the K-pop group first debuted and they’re just as close now as they were before, with the members often collaborating on music together for both the band and individually.

Six of the group’s nine members, Jinho, Kino, Shinwon, Yuto, Yeo One, and Wooseok, spoke to Newsweek ahead of their appearance at MIK Festival, an event in London which hosted Pentagon and a number of K-Pop and K-Hip-Hop artists.

Pentagon Talk Kino’s Solo Single ‘Pose’

Pentagon’s concept photo for their 12th mini-album “IN:VITE U.” Members Jinho, Kino, Shinwon, Yuto, Yeo One, and Wooseok spoke to Newsweek about their plans for the future and Kino’s new single “Pose.”
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Pentagon are gracious and friendly as they talk with Newsweek, speaking in English if they can and helping translate for one another when they can’t, and what is clear throughout the conversation is how much they enjoy working together, whether that’s on stage or while making their music.

This is particularly true for Kino who released his first solo single on August 9, a special track titled “Pose” that the singer wrote and composed himself with the help of fellow member Wooseok.

“The song is called ‘Pose,’ as you know, this is my original song and I wrote all the lyrics, of course,” Kino tells Newsweek. “I composed it with Wooseok, he helped me to write the lyrics and the song’s melody [which] was very helpful, and all my members cheered me on. I was so happy to get their [support].

“And I really want to say the performance is the best, it will be the best ever, really. Like I worked a lot with very good dancers and also a choreographer, and we wanted to make something [special].”

As Kino said this, Jinho shared that he thought his bandmate’s new song was “on point,” while the other members clapped and cheered Kino on even in the interview room.

Reflecting on his experience working on “Pose” and how it compared to making Pentagon’s tracks, Kino shared: “It’s similar but different because for the team’s music I really had to separate the parts so that [everyone] will get a part.

“I would think about the characteristics of each member, so I wrote some parts to [suit] Yeo One as the lead, or [suit] Jinho more, you know what I mean?

“But in this process, for ‘Pose,’ it was, I think, easier than composing the team’s music because it’s just me in the whole song. I know what I like and I know what I can do well, so it was easier.”

Making Music as a Team

Pentagon are known for using their musical talent both on and off stage, with the band’s members composing their own songs, writing their own lyrics, and even producing music for other groups.

The band are so passionate about music that they compose songs all the time, with Yuto even admitting he had been composing new tracks for Pentagon the morning of their performance in London.

Kino said: “We are always trying to make new music for the future, for our albums, so [we’re] always, always working.”

Shinwon then joked: “This is our life right, we are a slave of music!”

Wooseok, who has written and composed several tracks for Pentagon, said the way he approaches music now compared to when they first started their career has changed.

“When we debuted I wanted to put in a lot and make it more elaborate, but now I want to make it more simple and elegant,” he explained. “We are making songs simpler than before, but we [also] need to think more than before.”

Jinho, who has also written many Pentagon tracks, said: “We’ve been writing songs for so many years so, at first, I had so many concerns about my writing skills. But we’ve written so many songs [that now] we have confidence about that, we’re just trying to write different songs for our albums.”

“I’m trying to write a different variety of songs than our previous album,” he added.

Pentagon on Their Future

Pentagon shared that they were “nervous” to step out on stage again for their fans, known as Universe, after such a long time apart, but Yuto said: “I am looking forward to seeing the reactions of [our] fans and how energetic they are.”

The boy band are certainly interested in going back on a world tour, with the group enthusiastically sharing how much they want to return to the U.S. to meet Universe there again.

Kino said he was “looking forward to being invited” to tour in the U.S., with Wooseok saying he’d be particularly keen to visit Chicago and Shinwon sharing his desire to go to Los Angeles and “do more things that I haven’t done before.”

For any fans concerned about the group’s future, the band are certainly clear on what they want to do as Jinho told Newsweek that even if they work on individual projects, they “think being a team is the most important thing right now, we’re going to try to give our best performance as a team.”

Looking to the future, Yuto said: “I want to be a whole group again, as nine members as soon as possible.

“It’s become a dream, or a goal right now because, even though it should be definite, right now not all the members are here. I’m kind of looking at it [as a dream].”

He added: “[Even] if there are some members that can’t be here together, no matter what we’re a team, we’re still Pentagon.”

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