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Opinion: They are coming for our crops and farmers

by Atlanta Business Journal

If you’re like most Mississippians, you know more about the Ole Miss baseball team than you do about farming in Sri Lanka and The Netherlands. The leftists’ policy meddling has the farmers of those two countries driven to riot against the social chaos produced in the name of global health by the anti-farming movement. Its de facto leader is the World Health Organization.

The WHO, an arm of the United Nations, wants you to be healthy and is willing to do just about anything to make you that. Obesity is a major WHO target, but there are others. WHO’s long-range goals include making unhealthy food unavailable. 

Why does this matter to you?  Well, for one thing, Mississippi is cemented among the nation’s leaders in obesity. For another, agriculture is the number one industry in our state. 

WHO has a broad mandate. In simple terms, and in its own elite-leaning mind, WHO can try just about anything if it can claim that it prevents or reduces hunger, improves sanitation, raises health standards, and cleanses water. Who could argue with WHO? 

Well, The Netherlands is in economic extremis and Ghana, South Africa, and now Sri Lanka have had their economies damn near destroyed by WHO and its accomplices, the World Economic Forum and leftist politicians. This unwholesome consortium believes, with cult-like fervor, that it knows what’s good for you. 

Should we in the US worry that a bunch of globalists, most of whom wouldn’t know a feedlot from a pitchfork, will try forcing farmers in our country to grow what they say and grow it their way? You bet your sweet potato. 

Forced organic farming in Sri Lanka, for example, resulted in failed crops, a ruined economy, and an insurrection that drove the leftist government from office. Hunger does that to people. A spokesperson capable of giving birth (“spokeswoman” to us rubes) for the World Economic Forum tells us that we non-elites will have to “undergo pain” if we are to achieve the “transition to renewable energy” necessary to become Utopia. 

The World Economic Forum met in May at the elegant resort town of Davos, Switzerland. There, where you’d think the crisp Alpine air might sharpen thinking, people such as the nation’s climate czar, John Kerry, and George Soros, who once hunted Jews for the Nazis, form task forces and study groups intended to make us one happy, healthy, atmospherically unchallenged tribe of “democratic socialists.” 

The Davos totalitarians employ climate change as their foundation reason for being. No matter what the perceived problem is, if they can tie it to changing temperatures, they gain carte blanche to inflict unlimited pain on whole countries that might prefer to solve things their way. 

Understand that I am not a climate change denier. I am a climate change skeptic. I do not question that we have climate change; I question the hubris of those who claim that humans not only caused climate change but that humans can fix it. 

Which humans? The geniuses that mishandled most every facet of the Wuhan pandemic? The Russians, who starved millions with their 1930s version of farm policy? The Chinese or Indians, who have engineered climates that you can actually see and taste? Political leaders who can’t keep baby formula and toilet paper on store shelves? 

Maybe President Biden’s staff can type up a cheat card that tells him how to take climate change out behind the barn and whop it upside the head. That might work. Absent that, be assured that the present lords of climate change are coming for our own farmers. They are even now throttling The Netherlands—which is the world’s second largest food exporter. And they have brought insurrection and economic hell to Sri Lanka, a formerly prosperous island nation of 23 million. 

We may learn more here in Mississippi. The US Swiss embassy reported that Senator Roger Wicker was among “public figures” attending this year’s Davos gathering. Since I read that, I’ve been on the edge of my cliché awaiting our senator’s assessment of the elitehood’s plans for our farmers. And for fighting bovine flatulence. Thus far, the Wicker website hasn’t shared his Davos experience with his constituents. I suppose we can just watch the news footage from Sri Lanka. 

William Jeanes lives in Dinsmor.

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