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New irrigation system for Pitney Meadows – Saratogian

by Atlanta Business Journal

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — Pitney Meadows Community Farm, Inc. (PMCF) recently added new solar-powered wells and retrofitted existing wells to allow the farm to expand, while reducing its environmental impact thanks to a grant of nearly $50,000 from Green Mountain Energy Sun Club.

PMCF was incorporated in 2016 specifically for the purpose of acquiring and managing a historic 166-acre family farm as a community farming and agricultural resource center. Community gardens, educational partnerships, and a deeper connection to local food pantries have allowed PMCF to expand the area being cultivated and educate the public on regenerative agriculture, healthy food, and good nutrition, including the direct environmental benefits of using organic farming practices.

A lack of resources in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic led the farm to focus on food sovereignty when its community needed fresh, organically grown produce at its local pantries and meal aggregate sites. While its efforts aided the surrounding communities, the true need on the farm was increased water supply. Without access to offsite power or water utilities, PMCF was unable to expand.

The new solar-powered wells will significantly reduce the farm’s reliance on gas-powered generators and the affordability issues associated with oil prices. These sustainable upgrades will allow the farm to continue to grow and increase food resiliency within its community.

“The new irrigation installation has been a tremendous help to our team and the farm itself,” said Lynn Trizna, Pitney Meadows Community Farm executive director. “With this Green Mountain Energy Sun Club grant, we can continue to invest in supporting the future of our land and community through sustainable and efficient resources. The solar installation will enable the farm to feed our community for generations to come.”

The solar-powered wells and retrofitting were funded by Green Mountain Energy Sun Club, the renewable energy provider’s charitable program. Since 2002, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club has been empowering local communities by donating nearly $11.7 million to 143 nonprofit organizations across the Northeast and Texas.

“We recognize the important work that Pitney Meadows Community Farm is doing to educate and provide resources to its community, and we are excited to play a role in making its impact even greater,” said Mark Parsons, Green Mountain Energy vice president. “We are honored to collaborate with the farm to support these sustainable upgrades and use them to inspire others on agricultural education, healthy food production, and recreation.”

To learn more about PMCF, visit pitneymeadowscommunityfarm.org.

Pitney Meadows Community Gardens in Saratoga Springs. (File photo)

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