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Mega Millions Had 14.3 Million Winning Tickets, 27 Millionaires on Friday

by Atlanta Business Journal

One lucky winner in Illinois struck it rich Friday night, hitting all six numbers to win the Mega Millions $1.337 billion jackpot. It was the second-largest lottery jackpot in the game’s history. In addition to the grand prize winner, there were 26 tickets sold nationwide that are worth at least $1 million, and there were a total of 14,391,740 tickets that won money.

Here are the winning numbers from Friday night’s drawing.

  • First Five: 13-36-45-57-67
  • Mega Ball: 14
  • Megaplier: 2x

Twenty-six Mega Millions tickets from Friday 07/29/2022 matched the first five white balls but missed the Mega Ball, making them second prize winners. Six of those tickets—sold in Arkansas, Florida (3), Iowa and Pennsylvania —are worth $2 million since they purchased the Megaplier for an extra $1. The other 20 second-prize tickets—sold in California, Florida (2), Georgia (2), Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota (2), North Carolina (2) New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas (2) and Wisconsin—are worth $1 million since they didn’t spend an extra $1 for the Megaplier.

A person buys a Mega Millions lottery ticket at a store on July 29, 2022 in Arlington, Virginia. The jackpot for Friday’s Mega Millions was $1.337 billion, the second-largest jackpot in game history.
Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images

In all, there were 14,391,740, winning tickets between all prize levels, including a whopping 375 third-prize tickets that matched four of the five white balls and correctly matched the Mega Ball. Of those, 68 bought the Megaplier, making their third prize winnings $20,000 instead of the $10,000 won by the other tickets.

Here’s a breakdown of Friday night’s winning tickets nationwide.

Grand Prize (All 6 Balls)
1 Winners — Jackpot Total

2nd Prize (All 5 White Balls, No Mega Ball)
26 Total Winners — $1 million minimum

3rd Prize (4 White Balls Plus Mega Ball)
375 Total Winners — $10,000 minimum

4th Prize (4 White Balls, No Mega Ball)
8,517 Total Winners — $500 minimum

5th Prize (3 White Balls Plus Mega Ball)
22,596 Total Winners — $200 minimum

6th Prize (3 White Balls, No Mega Ball)
551,159 Total Winners — $10 minimum

7th Prize (2 White Balls Plus Mega Ball)
480,665 Total Winners — $10 minimum

8th Prize (1 White Ball Plus Mega Ball)
3,806,290 Total Winners — $4 minimum

9th Prize (0 White Balls Plus Mega Ball)
9,522,111 Total Winners — $2 minimum

The jackpot for Tuesday 08/02/2022 resets to $20 million, with a cash option worth $11.6 million.

The increased amount of the grand prize stirred a frenzy at Mega Millions retailers, and Ohio Lottery Director Pat McDonald, current Lead Director of the Mega Millions Consortium, told players to “enjoy the ride.”

“Congratulations to the Illinois Lottery for selling the winning ticket for the $1.337 billion Mega Millions jackpot,” McDonald said on the Mega Millions website. “We are thrilled to have witnessed one of the biggest jackpot wins in Mega Millions history. We’re eager to find out who won and look forward to congratulating the winner soon! Better still, this exciting jackpot run has had a significant positive impact on the revenues for good causes raised by our member lotteries.”

Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery every Tuesday and Friday night, and it is one of America’s two biggest lottery jackpot games. Mega Millions jackpots start at $20 million, and other prizes pay from $1 million to $2 million or more with a Megaplier. Tickets are $2 per line, and odds of winning with a $2 Mega Millions ticket are one in 303 million. For more information on Mega Millions, or to check your past numbers, visit its website.

Powerball is the other multi-state lottery, and it also starts at $20 million. Its drawings take place shortly after 11 p.m. ET on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights. Here is the Powerball website for more information, or to check past winning numbers.

Here are the top 10 Mega Millions Jackpots to date:

Amount/Date/Winning Tickets

  1. $1.537 billion 10/23/2018 1-SC
  2. $1.337 billion — 07/29/2022 1-IL
  3. $1.05 billion 01/22/2021 1-MI
  4. $656 million 3/30/2012 1-IL, 1-KS, 1-MD
  5. $648 million 12/17/2013 1-CA, 1-GA
  6. $543 million 7/24/2018 1-CA
  7. $536 million 7/8/2016 1-IN
  8. $533 million 3/30/2018 1-NJ
  9. $522 million 6/07/2019 1-CA
  10. $516 million 05/21/21 1-PA

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