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Hesperia produce grower to host farm to table dinner

by Atlanta Business Journal

Business owner William Wormley of Hesperia is a man with a green thumb, a passion for produce, and a heart for serving the community.

The 41-year-old Wormley, the owner of Wormley Orchards, is partnering with Saving Greens Homestead and other like-minded growers to host the inaugural Farm to Table Dinner.

“This month’s dinner will be a networking time with other growers and those interested in urban farming,” said Wormley, a native of Barstow. “At the dinner, we’ll discuss tips on how to plant, nurture, harvest, and sell your produce.”

They’ll also be discussions and resources on how people can get the proper documentation and certification to sell produce at Certified Farmers’ Markets, Wormley said.

Vendors must obtain a business license and comply with San Bernardino County and California Health and Safety Code requirements to sell items like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, honey, and flowers.

“Our table has room for 40 people, and tickets are starting to sell,” Wormley said. “We’re hoping for a good turnout so we can encourage those who are ready to get planting.”

Food served at the dinner will include meat raised and butchered locally and produce from High Desert growers.

Urban farming mentors

Business owner and produce farmer William Wormley of Hesperia will partner with other growers to host the inaugural Farm to Table Dinner on August 20.

Wormley, also the owner of The Shoppe Barbershop in Victorville, said his agricultural interests first sprouted soon after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When I started seeing long lines and empty grocery store shelves, I started thinking that maybe we should start growing our food supply,” Wormley said. “That’s when I started to do some research.”

With a passion to learn and no background in agriculture, Wormley enrolled in the unaccredited “University of YouTube,” where the online classroom consists of countless videos on urban farming and gardening.

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