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Health that created wealth?

by Atlanta Business Journal

BROOMFIELD, Colo., July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Can something that makes you healthy also contribute income to you and your family? The surprising answer is yes! A simple backyard garden can achieve both benefits and is much easier than you might think, and Backyard Farming Supply is here to help.

Even though organic produce is a much better alternative than traditional commercial produce, it still has its drawbacks. It is generally produced on too large of a scale to keep clean without the use of some form of pesticides. Even still, organic produce demands a premium price. It ensures that the customer who is putting the money down cares about providing the best of the best for their family, clients, or customers.

So how do you turn this information into wealth from your own backyard? The first thing is understanding the value of home-grown, pesticide-free food. It is the top of the top! Produce from farmers’ markets and backyard produce stands is even more expensive than organic products from grocery stores. The reason is that it requires the most amount of work per item since there is generally little to no automation involved in the process. However, if you can grow food in your backyard with very little input and effort, then you can take advantage of this price bump and also provide the most nutritious food available with no preservatives or shelf-life products.

You can generate hundreds of dollars worth of produce in as little space as a 4’x4′ plot. If you go all out and fill your backyard with raised garden beds and edible landscape, you can generate thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars worth of income for you and your family. And you can feel good about the money you are making because you’re doing it honestly and providing an essential service to your community. We encourage you to take the first steps to achieve this goal. Start small, grow a few plants, and see how well you do.

The people at Backyard Farming Supply are happy to help. They can provide all the tools necessary to achieve all of your goals. They can help you build the beds, fill them with the best soil, provide you with all the required organic fertilizer, install irrigation, and continue to support you throughout the process. If you run into plant problems, they can help identify the issue quickly and provide you with the items necessary for fixing the problem. No matter what you want to grow, they can help you grow it easily, efficiently, and organically. So do yourself a favor; take a leap and let Backyard Farming Supply help you to help yourself, help your family and help your community!

SOURCE Backyard Farming Supply

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