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Google finally launches Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, should Samsung be worried?

by Atlanta Business Journal

After five long months of waiting, Google has finally revealed everything there is to know about its new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones. These refreshed call makers were first unveiled all the way back in May with Google teasing the rebooted design and a few of their upcoming features at its I/O showcase. Now, thanks to a major Google launch event in New York, we finally have full specs and that all-important UK pricing.

So, should Samsung and Apple be worried? There are plenty of updates coming to these phones including a faster Google Tensor processor, improved smart features and a better camera which now offers far better zoom.

First up, let’s talk about the new Pixel 7 Pro as this is definitely the more exciting of the two.

This flagship Android device arrives packing a giant 6.7-inch screen with adaptive 120Hz technology that makes scrolling silky smooth without impacting battery life. This panel is also covered in tough Gorilla Glass which will help it survive should it slip through your fingers.

Spin the Pixel 7 Pro around and you’ll find a new triple rear camera positioned inside Google’s unique camera bar design which first made an appearance on the Pixel 6 range.

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This set-up now includes a 50-megapixel main sensor along with a 48-megapixel telephoto lens and 12-megapixel ultrawide camera.

Google is promising big things from this rear snapper with the company boasting that owners will get better shots at night along with impressive close-ups thanks to its Super Res Zoom. This feature uses both hardware and intelligent software to produce sharp images even when the object is a distance away. Thanks to the new ultra-wide lens there’s also a Macro Mode included on the Pixel 7 Pro which will help owners take blur-free shots of objects when positioned at a close range to the phone.

Other photographic smart features include Face Unblur which makes fuzzy photos look sharp again and the hugely impressive Magic Eraser which removes unwanted people from photos via a simple tap on the screen. The US firm is even promising that Pixel 7 users will be able to improve older images stored in Google Photos even if they weren’t shot on the new device. 

Video has also been improved this year with Google adding the option to shoot movies with a Cinematic Blur. This Hollywood-style upgrade keeps the person or pet in perfect focus whilst adding a bokeh effect to the background. Improved image stabilisation makes sure home movies look smooth without the need for a tripod.

Head inside the Pixel 7 Pro and there’s the latest G2 Tensor processor from Google which is now smarter, faster and much more efficient which should mean longer usage between charging.

Pixel devices have always been pretty clever but that G2 brain takes things up a level with improved voice dictation – that can turn spoken words into text – and much more accurate foreign translation that all happens in an instant. You can even turn a voice note into text with just a single tap on the screen!

Another bonus of this phone is that it can watch you at night and reveal how bad your snoring is! Other extras included on the Pixel 7 Pro include facial recognition, fast fingerprint scanner, quick charging and wireless refilling.

It’s available in three colours including Obsidian, Snow and Hazel. Prices start from £849.

If that’s too much for your bank balance then don’t fret as Google is also launching that cheaper Pixel 7 device which costs just £599.

The main differences between this device and its more expensive sibling are the camera and screen. The Pixel 7 only ships with a dual-lens rear snapper that can’t match the Pro for features such as Macro Mode and that long-distance Super Res Zoom.

The 6.3-inch screen is also smaller and only has a 90Hz refresh rate meaning scrolling will look a little more stuttery that the Pro’s 120Hz technology.

It’s also not available with as much storage and if you want 512GB you’ll need to go Pro. If those features don’t worry you, the Pixel 7 is also available in three colours and will be available soon.

Along with these new Pixel phones, Google has also launched its very first smartwatch. It’s called the Pixel Watch and full details can be found here.

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