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GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker sale

by Atlanta Business Journal

Drive-in ice — you know, the nugget-shaped ice you can get at certain fast-food spots — is one of summer’s greatest pleasures, and now you can re-create it yourself at home, thanks to the cult-favorite GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker, on sale now at Woot!.

This cult-favorite, pellet ice-producing product with built-in Wi-Fi is $50 off at Best Buy right now.

Originally $579.99 for the (undoubtedly a hefty price tag for a machine that produces frozen water), the ice maker with side tank is now marked down to $465.99. If you don’t need the tank, you can score a machine for $409.99. Though that’s not the best discount we’ve ever seen, you’ll at least score some savings if you’re after that chewable, crunchy ice flake texture.

If you plan on hosting a ton of summer parties, it’ll be your best friend: The machine can turn out 24 pounds of ice each day in batches of 3 pounds at a time. Plus, it all comes in a compact and portable (!) package that can be easily left out on your countertop or transferred outside for your next barbecue. Just fill up the reservoir with water and get icing.

Be sure to shop soon if you intend to add nugget ice to your kitchen offerings; the machine is likely to sell out fast.

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