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Freeview users have been blocked from ITV Hub, is your TV affected?

by Atlanta Business Journal

Freeview TVs have been blocked from ITV Hub this week (Image: GETTY FREEVIEW ITV)

ITV Hub is blocking dozens of Freeview Play-powered TVs in a dramatic shake-up that will see some users lose access to this service. Devices affected by the changes include those made by firms such as Panasonic and Hisense along with some popular set-top boxes produced by Humax. Some Samsung TVs, which don’t actually have access to Freeview Play, are also losing the option to tune into ITV Hub.

It’s been confirmed that the popular app – which lets viewers tune into live programming and watch catch-up shows along with movies on-demand – will stop working due to a new big update that’s being released. According to ITV, this new software provides “more content, better picture quality, and content protection” for the Hub app but is incompatible with some older Freeview devices.

It’s also worth noting that some Freesat boxes are also affected by the new release.

The easiest way to know if your device is impacted by this change is by watching out for a pop-up message to appear on your screen warning you about the loss of support for ITV Hub.

Express.co.uk has also found the full list of TVs and set-top boxes that are affected by the ITV Hub change which we have published below.

Freeview introduce their new Play streaming service in 2021

Freeview TVs losing access to ITV Hub

Hisense – Smart TVs released between 2016 and 2018

TCL 6586 6 Series – Smart TVs released from 2018

Avtex – TVs and devices launched in 2016 and earlier.

CTVE – TVs and devices released in 2013 and earlier.

Samsung TVs – Models released before 2015 with Orsay (Linux) OS

Samsung TV – Models released in 2015 using Tizen OS 2.3

Humax FVP-4000T – Released between 2015 and 2016

Humax FVP-5000T – Released in 2017

Panasonic TV – 2015 C range models, 2016 D range models and 2018 F HD range models

Sharp – UMC 2017 amd UMC 2018

TCL 6586 6 Series released in 2018

itv hub

Some Freeview TVs have been blocked from accessing ITV Hub (Image: ITV)

itv hub

ITV Hub lets you watch live programming and catch up with on demand content (Image: ITV)

Freesat boxes losing access to ITV Hub

Humax boxes released between 2012 and 2018 – Hb1000s, Hb1100s, Hdr1000s, Hdr1010s, Hdr1100s

If you own one of these affected devices and want to continue watching ITV Hub you have a few options.

You can simply purchase a streaming dongle such as an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast or Roku device to continue using ITV Hub on your Freeview TV.

Right now Amazon has slashed the prices of its Fire TV devices ahead of the next Prime Day sales, with these streaming sticks currently available from as low as £19.99.

This is for the Fire TV Stick Lite which usually costs £29.99 a month.


Some Humax devices are also losing access to ITV Hub (Image: HUMAX)

Purchasing one of these streaming devices should also help future-proof you and ensure you have access to what ITV have planned next.

Soon ITV Hub is being replaced by the broadcaster’s new ITVX service which is launching in November.

ITV has big plans for this app, hoping it will become a “leader” in the UK streaming space and they have a bold vision to help achieve this aim.

Unlike other apps from terrestrial channels such as BBC iPlayer and All 4, ITV will be shaking up how they broadcast some new shows which will arrive first on ITVX, and then on traditional TV months later.


ITV Hub is being replaced by a new streaming app later this year (Image: ITV)

New exclusive shows will be available to watch on ITVX each week, including the upcoming Spy Among Friends.

ITVX will also replace ITV Hub as the place you can watch live ITV programming – which will include the Love Island Final and the 2022 World Cup – on your internet-enabled device.

Besides all this ITVX will offer a wealth of on-demand content, with around 15,000 hours worth of content to watch at launch – which is 9,000 hours more than ITV Hub.

Boxsets of ITV shows Brits know and love will be available to watch on-demand along with an updated library of Hollywood blockbuster movies, as well as US boxsets, anime shows and more.

ITVX will be available to watch entirely for free via an ad-supported plan but there will also be a paid-for membership which throws in a BritBox subscription as well.

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