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Freeview issues fresh warning: Your TV could break this weekend

by Atlanta Business Journal

Freeview is warning that the ongoing heatwave could affect TV services in parts of the UK this weekend. The TV provider has confirmed that high pressure caused by sweltering temperatures could disrupt the TV signals required to deliver Freeview services. And, unfortunately, there’s nothing customers can do about this potential disruption.

Any issues that Freeview customers experience with their signal that is caused by the weather will pass once the high pressure moves on. And if you do experience problems with your Freeview TV signal make sure you don’t try to retune your telly.

These issues could impact Freeview viewers between Thursday August 11 and Sunday August 14.

In a post online Freeview said: “Freeview viewers across parts of the country could see some disruption to their TV reception from Thursday 11th August to Sunday 14th August. This is due to high pressure which could disrupt the TV signals which Freeview uses.

“You are advised not to retune your TV during this time – reception will be restored once the high pressure passes.”

While affected customers can’t do anything to resolve the issue with their TV signal, there are some workarounds for Freeview users.

If your TV signal is impacted during the heatwave you can simply turn to Freeview Play instead.

Freeview Play is an internet-powered service which offers access to over 40,000 hours on-demand content as well as live TV.

Freeview Play can be accessed via Freeview Play TVs. You can also watch Freeview via the app available for Android and iOS device, plus you can also watch some Freeview shows if you head to the online TV Guide on the Freeview website.

Freeview said: “If you have an internet-connected Freeview Play TV, or one that has the players available to view, you will still be able to watch live and on-demand content from the likes of BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 or My5.

“Alternatively, you can watch Freeview via our mobile app which is available to download for free from your app store or on a web browser via our online TV Guide.”

The latest warning from Freeview isn’t the first time that the TV provider has said signals could be affected by hot temperatures.

Freeview also issued similar warnings twice last month as soaring temperatures hit the UK.

We’ve already seen the mercury hit 40C in the UK this summer and with more hot weather likely on the way in the coming weeks we may get even more similar warnings from Freeview in the near future.

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