Home News Can I trust a man who got mad because I was dating?

Can I trust a man who got mad because I was dating?

by Atlanta Business Journal

DEAR HARRIETTE: A few years ago, a good friend of mine told me that he had romantic feelings for me. I didn’t feel the same, and it made things awkward for a moment in time.

Eventually, he cut off all communication because he was angry with me for dating someone else.

We randomly reconnected a few weeks ago, and it’s been great. I really missed him. He seems to be completely fine with the fact that I am going on dates. I haven’t been able to completely let my guard down, though, because I’m worried that he may cut me off again for some reason.

Is it possible that he could be completely over those romantic feelings and now our friendship can resume without conflict?


DEAR RECONNECTING: I recommend that you be direct and talk to your friend about the past and present. Tell him how much you missed him and how deeply you appreciate his friendship. Apologize for not wanting the type of relationship that he had in mind for the two of you as you acknowledge how much you care for him as your friend. Ask him if he is good with you two being platonic friends.

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