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Books That Will Change Everything You Know About Food

by Atlanta Business Journal

These are not just cookbooks.

Food is such a major part of our lives. For some, it is rooted in tradition and forges a connection to heritage—that’s why some dishes are comforting and remind of home. For others, it’s a way to bring people together and experience different cultures. For some, it may be just a way to give sustenance to the body. No matter how you feel about food, you will agree that what we eat depends so much on who we are, where we live, where we come from, and how much we make.

There are so many different opinions on what we should eat and how we should live, but nothing is linear, absolute, perfect, or all-encompassing. It’s all relative. So to understand a fraction of it, we’re turning toward books that contextualize the science, the emotions, and the business of food.

From memoirs and food memories to investigations and science, this is a wholesome list of books to read if you want to redefine, reexamine, or reanalyze your own relationship with food.

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