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Best iPhone 14 Pro preorder deals in September 2022

by Atlanta Business Journal

Best iPhone 14 Pro deals: The new flagship arrives with the highest price tag we’ve seen from Apple (Image: APPLE • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Searching for the best iPhone 14 Pro deals? We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ve rounded up the greatest iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max preorder deals from the biggest UK mobile networks ahead of the release date later this week.

We’ve also got a rundown of the latest SIM-free prices for the two new iPhone models. If you’re looking for the , we’ve got everything you need to know in another guide.

If you haven’t got time to scroll through all of that, we’ve handpicked two of our favourite iPhone 14 Pro preorder deals below.

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If you missed the latest Apple Event, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max arrive with one of the most-requested features for iPhone – an always-on display. Yes, for the first time, iPhone owners will be able to glance down and check the time, latest weather forecast, number of steps, and other important information when the screen is off. There’s also a new interactive notch design dubbed Dynamic Island, a high-resolution 48-megapixel rear camera, car crash detection, and a new purple colour.

Like the iPhone 13 Pro series before it, the iPhone 14 Pro ships with a 6.1-inch screen, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max lands with a larger 6.7-inch screen. Unlike last year, Apple has used the same screen sizes on its more affordable, non-Pro lineup – iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. That means you won’t be forced to pay extra for the iPhone 14 Pro Max if all you’re interested in is the expansive 6.7-inch OLED display. We’ve already rounded up the best iPhone 14 Plus deals for you.

All iPhone 14 Pro models support 5G, fast wired charging, as well as the MagSafe system to magnetically snap chargers, cases, and accessories like wallets and car mounts to the back of the phone.

Apple has increased the cost of its new handsets, with the iPhone 14 Pro starting from £1,099 compared with £949 for the iPhone 13 Pro last year. That entry-level model arrives with 128GB of built-in storage, you’ll need to pay £1,209 to increase the storage to 256GB, £1,429 for 512GB, and £1,649 to max-out your iPhone 14 Pro with 1TB of built-in storage.

Likewise, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is more expensive to preorder from Apple this time around. Prices start from £1,199 for 128GB of built-in storage, rising to £1,309 for 256GB, £1,529 for 512GB, and topping-out at £1,749 for 1TB of storage. That makes this the most expensive iPhone model to ever launch in the UK.

Apple offers between £30 – £625 discount off the cost of your new iPhone when you trade-in an older handset. The amount that you’ll receive depends on the brand, model, and condition. For example, an iPhone 13 Pro Max will unlock the biggest trade-in discount of £625, while an older iPhone 11 Pro will net you up to £285. iPhone 7 is the oldest model that Apple will accept, offering between £30 and £45 when you trade-in. Anything older than that will be recycled for free.

best iphone 14 pro deals screen sizes

iPhone 14 Pro has a 6.1-inch screen, while iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 6.7-in one (Image: APPLE)

Following the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max release date on Friday September 16, these new phones will be available to buy outright from a number of other online retailers, including the likes of Amazon UK, John Lewis and Partners, Currys, AO, Very, and Argos, to name a few. These retailers might offer their own discounts and bundles in the coming weeks and months.

The most affordable way to buy the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is to sign-up to a pay monthly contract with mobile networks like O2, Vodafone, EE, Three, Sky Mobile, and more. These carriers spread the cost of the handset over two- or three-year contracts, so you’ll be paying in smaller instalments. While the total cost of these contracts can often be more than buying the handset outright and pairing with an affordable SIM deal, the initial outlay for these new flagships can be eye-watering.

We’ve rounded up the best iPhone 14 Pro and best iPhone 14 Pro Max prices from the biggest UK mobile networks below alongside some answers to the most common questions on the new iPhone. Click on the links above to jump to the relevant section, or scroll down for the full guide.

iPhone 14 Pro release date

iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max release date is scheduled for September 16, 2022.

Those who preorder these handsets will be the first to receive the latest phones, with Apple and UK mobile networks usually shipping the devices to ensure they arrive on launch day.

If you preorder direct from Apple, you can choose to pick-up your new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max from your nearest Apple Store – saving you from any delivery mishaps or delays. Apple typically sets aside some stock for those without preorders to drop-in on the day. High street and online retailers like Amazon UK, John Lewis and Partners, Currys, AO, Very, and Argos will stock the handset from September 16, so you’ll be able to add to your basket on that day.

Likewise, those who want to pop into a local Apple Store to try the phone for themselves, the handsets will be available to test from September 16, 2022.

Best iPhone 14 Pro deals

If you want to buy the new iPhone 14 Pro from a mobile network, bundling the cost of the handset, calls, text messages and 4G and 5G mobile data allowance into a single monthly fee …we’ve rounded up the latest prices from all major UK carriers below. Of course, this is just a taster of the hundreds and hundreds of deals available – we’ve tried to pick plans with the lowest monthly fees, best value freebies and extras, and most generous trade-in offers so you can snatch-up the all-new iPhone 14 Pro at the best price.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Pay Monthly Deals In The UK

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max deals

Want the best iPhone 14 Pro Max? This model is the most expensive Apple phone ever launched, so it’s important to secure a good deal. Pay monthly deals can be a good way to spread out the cost, making each monthly repayment more affordable. As always, this is a fraction of the oodles of deals available in the UK right now, but we’ve picked plans with the lowest monthly fees, best value freebies and extras, and most generous trade-in offers so you can snatch-up the all-new iPhone 14 Plus at the best price.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Pay Monthly Deals In The UK

iPhone 14 Pro features

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max arrive with an entirely new way to interact with the Apple handset, dubbed Dynamic Island. The notch, which houses the front-facing camera and components to enable Face ID facial recognition, has been slimmed down to a small pill-shaped cut-out (something we’ve seen on Android phones for a few years) but rather than leave it there, Apple has leveraged this part of the display to create a new multi-tasking interface. When you have tasks running in the background – like a timer, a podcast or audiobook playing, recording a voice memo, following turn-by-turn directions in Apple Maps – there will be a small preview within the cut-out at the top of the screen.

Tapping on the preview will load the relevant app, while pressing and holding will load a small preview similar to what you’ll see when holding on notifications on the lockscreen in older iPhone models. Third-party developers will be able to update their apps in iOS 16 to provide information like sports scores and ride-sharing updates within the Dynamic Island too.

Since Apple uses an OLED display in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, it’s tough to see where the cut-out ends and the black elements of the user interface on-screen begins. The animation that signifies a successful Face ID unlock will now expand from the cut-out at the top of the screen, rather than sitting in the middle of the screen as it does on all other iPhone models.

And that’s not the only change to the screens on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This year, Apple has added one of the most-requested features from Apple fans – an always-on display. The ProMotion display, which reaches peaks of 120Hz for silky smooth scrolling, can now drop to just 1Hz to eke out as much battery life as possible. Combined with some other ultra low-power systems behind the scenes, Apple will keep a number of useful information on-screen at all times, even when you’ve locked your iPhone 14 Pro and it’s idly sat on a table beside you. The redesigned lockscreen available to all iPhone owners with iOS 16 includes new clock faces, widgets, and Live Activities – these will all be available at a glance throughout the day, thanks to the always-on screen.

Apple has also increased the peak HDR brightness level in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max so that its now the same as its Pro Display XDR external display for Mac. This is the highest outdoor peak brightness on any smartphone – hitting a peak of 2000 nits, which is twice as bright as iPhone 13 Pro.

best iphone 14 pro dynamic island notch

Dubbed Dynamic Island, the new feature adapts to show background processes (Image: APPLE)

The other big upgrade with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max centres on the rear-facing camera system.

Apple has fitted a new 48-megapixel main sensor, capturing huge amounts of detail compared to previous models. For most of your shots, Apple will combine every four pixels into one large quad pixel equivalent to 2.44 µm, resulting in amazing low-light capture and keeping photo size at a practical 12-megapixel so you quickly upload images to social media, cloud back-ups and send via AirDrop. However, iPhone owners will be able to shoots at the full uncompressed 48-megapixels using the ProRAW setting for extra level of detail.

The quad-pixel sensor also enables a 2x Telephoto option that uses the middle 12 megapixels of the sensor for full-resolution photos and 4K videos with no digital zoom. This delivers optical quality at a familiar focal length, which is great for features like Portrait mode. Altogether, iPhone 14 Pro owners will have the choice between 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and 3x within the Camera app.

Like the more affordable iPhone 14, the new Pro lineup arrives with support for Apple’s new car crash detection feature, which relies on a new dual-core accelerometer capable of detecting G-force measurements of up to 256Gs and a new dynamic range gyroscope. These new components build on existing slew of sensors fitted inside the iPhone 14 Pro, like the barometer, which can now detect cabin pressure changes, the GPS for additional input for speed changes, and the microphone, which can recognise loud noises typified by severe car crashes – like airbags deploying throughout the cabin.

Should the worst happen and you’re unconscious or unable to reach the handset, your iPhone can automatically alert emergency services.

best iphone 14 pro deals 48mp camera

Apple has fitted a 48MP main camera – the largest sensor ever seen on an iPhone (Image: APPLE)

On the topic of exciting features in the iPhone that you’ll hopefully never have to rely upon, iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro max can communicate with satellites when you’re stranded miles from a good mobile signal or Wi-Fi network. Dubbed Emergency SOS via satellite, the feature sends critical information, like your location data and whether anyone is seriously hurt, to the relevant emergency services via a series of quick Q&As developed with the police, coastguards, mountain rescue, and more.

If the emergency responders that you’re trying to contact do not support information sent via text messages, the initial questionnaire and follow-up messages are relayed to newly-established centres staffed by Apple‑trained specialists who can call for help on the user’s behalf. Emergency SOS via satellite will be available for two years with every iPhone 14 purchase so, presumably, Apple will charge an extra subscription fee in the coming years …although there’s no word on pricing or a release date yet.

Emergency SOS via satellite won’t be available at launch, but will roll-out later this year. Unfortunately, Europeans will miss out on this feature for the time being too, with Emergency SOS reserved for the United States and Canada for now.

iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max are powered by the all-new A16 Bionic system-on-a-chip, which promises plenty of oomph for multi-tasking, processing photos and video edits in seconds, and efficiency cores to extend battery life. According to Apple, the A16 Bionic features an accelerated 5-core GPU with 50% more memory bandwidth than its predecessor – making it perfect for graphics-intensive games – and a new 16-core Neural Engine capable of almost 17 trillion operations each second.

Elsewhere, iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max arrive with iOS 16 preinstalled, 5G support for speedy mobile downloads, MagSafe support to use accessories like the wireless charger created by Apple.

The new iPhone 14 Pro lineup is available in four colours: Deep Purple, Silver, Gold, and Space Black. Storage configurations start from 128GB and maxes-out at 1TB, which is more than most people have in their laptop.

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