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Amazon down! Shoppers hit by irritating error that’s blocking orders

by Atlanta Business Journal

If you’re trying and failing to use Amazon’s online store it seems you are not alone. The popular retailer appears to be having some serious issues with thousands of shoppers reporting that they can’t purchase products or place new orders.

The gremlins began at around 12.30pm and are still ongoing with some reports showing users being hit by a message that reads, “Sorry, we’re experiencing unusually heavy traffic. Please try again in a few seconds.”

Down Detector, which monitors outages across the globe, has revealed just how big the issue is with over 3,000 reports flooding in that Amazon is facing problems. Speaking on its forum page, one user called Mo said: “Can’t checkout keeps saying error please try again.”

Along with the explosion of mentions on Down Detector, Twitter is also full of customers also having trouble shopping online.

One shopper named Nikzzz posted a tweet which reads: “Is amazon down? Not able to order items.”

Whilst another called Diane, added: “Wait..is Amazon down? I can’t check out.”

It’s unclear if all Amazon shoppers have been hit by the same bug or if it’s limited to a certain number of customers but it couldn’t have come at a worse time as millions attempt to buy gifts for Christmas ahead of the last-minute rush.

There’s no word on what is causing the issues or when things will be fixed but there are still plenty of reports on social media so it appears to be an ongoing hiccup.

Amazon has now issued some advice that it hopes will sort things out for users. In response to once user’s complaint Amazon’s help services said: “Hi, we’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue. Have you tried uninstalling the app, restarting your device, and reinstalling the app? You may also wish to clear the cookies and cache from your app settings, or try another device. Please let us know how you get on.”


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