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78 lakh farmers’ records in Karnataka digitalised: Bommai

by Atlanta Business Journal

The State has been at the forefront of digitalisation in the agricultural sector and 78 lakh farmers have been brought under its ambit by linking farmers with survey number and Aadhar details, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Thursday.

Participating in a videoconference with Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah regarding natural farming and digitisation of farm records, he said the State was ahead in the digitisation of the agricultural sector, and records of 62 lakh landowners and 16 lakh landless farmers had been digitised under Bhumi software.

‘Fruits’ software

‘Fruits’ software was now being emulated by other States. This software was being improved regularly. The State had been implementing the ‘Swamithva’ scheme of the Centre on a campaign mode, Mr. Bommai said.

On nano urea, he said the first nano urea unit was being established in Bengaluru. It was introduced to farmers after a detailed study.

The Chief Minister said through digital technology, farmers themselves were surveying their land and 212 crore plots had been digitised so far. “To avoid complications, steps are taken for all farmers to do the survey themselves. So far, they have done it very honestly,” he said.

To fulfill the wishes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on doubling farmers’ income, he said Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat had taken up natural farming actively. The State had five agriculture and horticulture universities and natural farming had been taken up on 1,000 acres under continuous monitoring of the universities.

Natural farming

As many as 2.4 lakh hectares of land was being converted into natural farming from organic farming and an additional one lakh hectares would be converted into natural farming by March 2023. A total of 41,434 farmers were selected for natural farming, the Chief Minister said.

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