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19 Best Gifts for Bartenders 2022

by Atlanta Business Journal


Bartenders are out here doing the important work. They make our drinks drinkable, our weekends even more enjoyable. They’re creative in a way that we get to reap the benefits of, and we love them for that. Maybe they’re serving up an expertly balanced cocktail or a Pacifico on tap. Whichever is hitting at the moment.

If you’re looking to gift one of your favorite home bartenders (seasoned or new) something good for their concoctions, we are here to assist. We pulled a range of some of the most useful things they can use to round out their at-home bar carts, which are likely already stocked with bar tools and cocktail kits and the big alcohol essentials.

Here, we’ve rounded up 19 gifts that might help them make a new drink they’ve been wanting to, upgrade some basic bar items they haven’t invested in quite yet, or pieces of servewear that puts those fancy cocktails on a rightfully extra display. These gifts are fun to give, and even more fun when you get to see them in action — and get the finished drink after, too.

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Best Next-Level Extra Gift for Bartenders

Mini Smoking Cloche

Best Coaster Gift for Bartenders

Custom Blueprint Coaster Set

Best Host Gift for Bartenders

Antique Brass Ice Bucket

Best Gift For Mezcal Drinkers

Apasco Mezcal Bottle

Best Garnish Gift for Bartenders

Bartender’s Knife

Most Useful Gift for Bartenders

Citrus Juicer

Best Lowball Glasses for Bartenders

Tank Lowball Glasses

Best Martini Glasses for Bartenders

Martini Glasses

Best Decor Gift for Bartenders

Dram Bar Cart

Best Fun Cocktail Accessory Gift for Bartenders

Fine Brine Canned Pickle Juice

Best Tequila Gift for Bartenders

Lobos 1707 Tequila Reposado

Best Shaker Gift for Bartenders

Fausto Cocktail Shaker and Jigger Set

Best Keg Gift for Bartenders

uKeg Go Tungsten

Best Cocktail Book for Bartenders

“The Japanese Art of the Cocktail”

By Masahiro Urushido and Michael Anstendig

Best Fancy Bitters Gift for Bartenders

Firewater Tincture

Best Serving Gift for Bartenders

Brass and Glass Tray

Best Gift for New Bartenders

Cocktail Bitters Set

Best Cocktail Book for Bartenders

Speakeasy: 200 Underground Cocktails

Best Can Opener Gift for Bartenders

The Draft Top Can Opener

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