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10 Best Cotton Sheets Sets 2022

by Atlanta Business Journal


You’re a grown-ass person with a grown-ass bed, frame and all. It is high time you purchase some sheets to make your nightly sleeping experience all the more enjoyable.

First things first, getting a good pair of sheets doesn’t require loads of brainpower, but it does require more than just buying some stuff because it’s on sale. Cotton is a good place to start. There are a ton of fabric options out there for sheets nowadays, but it’s hard to beat good old classic cotton. It’s soft, breathable, and easy to wash. That’s step one. The next steps are figuring out what kind of textures you like, and how much you’re trying to spend on said sheets.

Here, we start you off with the 10 best cotton sheets out there for all types of sheet needs. Maybe you want a starter pack to figure out what kind of cotton weave you like sleeping in, or maybe you’re looking for something cheap to put in the guest room. Or perhaps you’re ready to get a fancy set of sheets because you deserve ’em. Start your search here.

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    Best Basic Cotton Sheets

    Classic Starter Sheet Set

    Sometimes you’ll see a brand everywhere because of pure marketing. Sometimes you’ll see it everywhere because that marketing is actually true. Brooklinen is one such example. It’s a great place to begin with well-made basics and the perfect place to start for a whole set.

    Best Cotton Sheets for Tall Mattresses

    Complete Comfort Sheets

    • Super Stretchy and Roomy Corner Pockets

    Purple’s Complete Comfort sheets are soft, stretchy, and much easier to put on thick mattresses than some of the tighter woven cottons are. They’re breathable for hot sleepers, too.

    Best Lightweight Cotton Sheets

    Organic Resort Cotton Sheet Set

    Come to The Citizenry for leveled-up bedding of every kind. These organic resort cotton sheets somehow live up to the name and quite literally feel like something you’d sleep on in a resort. They are well worth the price.

    Best Percale Cotton Sheets

    Percale Sheet Set

    Parachute Home is where we’d go for an apartment upgrade. You know you want a great set of sheets (and perhaps a duvet cover) and you don’t want to think too hard about it.

    Best Organic Cotton Sheets

    Percale Cotton Sheet Set

    • Minimal Size/Color Options

    Casper made bed-in-a-box famous, and the brand is also busting out comfy sheets to match. These organic cotton ones have a great middle-of-the-road 300 thread count.

    Best Hotel-Style Cotton Sheets

    Percale Sheet Set

    For that crispy hotel-like feel, you can’t beat a percale set of sheets from Riley Home. That always-fresh and crisp feeling gives off a pure luxury vibe you can’t beat. Plus, the neutral colors are cool and put together.

    Most Durable Cotton Sheets

    Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set

    L.L. Bean’s pima cotton sheets are an internet favorite for foundational sheet sets. They are a durable pima cotton, but have a little scratchier of a feel at 280 thread count than you might be used to if you’ve been sleeping with, say, a sateen.

    Best Wrinkle-Resistant Cotton Sheets

    Performance Sheet Set

    • Pill- and Wrinkle-Resistant

    If you’ve been sleeping on Target’s Threshold line, it is time to be awoken. The in-house brand makes well-priced basics, like these 400-thread count performance cotton sheets.

    Best Budget Cotton Sheets

    Organic Cotton Sheets

    Mellanni’s cotton sheets are a super soft 400-thread count, and an absolute favorite amongst Amazon fiends. Grab a pair for the guest room or for adding into your laundry rotation.

    Best Cooling Cotton Sheets

    Cotton Sheets

    Another well-priced favorite: California Design Den’s basic cotton sheets. While some cotton can be thicker and great for staying warm, these are airier—and best for hot sleepers.

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